Webcam Modeling 101

Webcam Modeling 101
Being successful as a webcam model requires some planning and preparation, both physical and mental! First and foremost, just like with any other job, you have to like what you do. If you’re open minded, confident, and enjoy being in front of the camera, webcam modeling is definitely a job you should consider!

Be true to yourself
I am assuming that before you came to this site, you already knew that webcam modeling requires you to be nude and sometimes sexually explicit in front of strangers, although never in person. True, some customers may not be after a sexual experience, and just want someone to talk to, but that is a very small minority. With that being said, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you’re comfortable doing what I just described, both mentally and physically? If your answer is, “no”, then webcam modeling is definitely not for you! If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, the truth will eventually come out, and you will never be successful!

Self confidence
Many people trying to get into webcam modeling are worried that they are not good enough, whether it’s being overweight, out of shape, too old, or not measuring up in one way or another. Well, guess what, for every type of person, whether you are younger, older, skinny, plus size, gay, straight, male or female, there are going to be people who will pay you to model for them (the modeling agencies know this which is why they usually hire all types of models). Think about it, if every person only liked one type of look, then this would be one boring world full of robots who look and act the same. Come to think of it, the most successful webcam models I have met were actually not your stereotypical “model” types, but they were confident about who they were, and weren’t afraid to flaunt it! Love yourself and your body, no matter what you look like, and that self confident attitude will come across to your customers, making them worship you!

You can look amazing, but if you don’t have the right personality to match, it’s all in vain. As a matter of fact, I found that for webcam models personality matters much more than looks. If there is only one piece of advice I could give you, it would be, don’t take yourself too seriously! Have fun! Remember, people who want to chat with webcam models want an escape. They want to get away from their daily grind, and talk to someone who is fun, and uninhibited. If they ask you something crazy, don’t take it personal, laugh about it instead. If they feel that you are easy to talk to, and don’t have any hangups, they will stay longer and keep coming back. There are many different roles you can play, depending on what you are most comfortable with. You can be the dominate type who is slightly insulting, act shy, or play hard to get, but no matter what role you choose, play it well and be consistent!

Outfits are very important to a webcam model’s personal presentation. Chatters want to see you wearing different things all the time because it makes your room exciting and it gives you something to talk about. Some great outfits are probably already in your wardrobe. Think about what you would wear around the house to relax in. A simple outfit that your boyfriend would like is something chatters would like. It makes the experience in your chat more realistic. Some examples are cotton shorts and a tank top, panties and knee high socks with a tank top or even something like a baggy t-shirt and panties that you can pull and play with in free. If your chatters say your outfit is too much then you can tease them by pulling it tight across your body or showing a little skin. It’s nice to leave a little to the imagination.

Having costumes are much like having outfits to try on in your room. You want to have fun while you work because then your chatters are having fun. Some very popular costumes include: school girl, nurse, good cop or bad cop, French maid, and sexy soldier.

Toys and props
Toys and props are a very big part of a good private chat with a cam model. Having variety in size and shape is good but you also want toys that are for different purposes. A sexy scarf can be used for bondage or as a blindfold. So remember to be versatile and creative with props and toys. Don’t ever use something as a toy if it’s not supposed to be used that way because it can be harmful and painful. Never put a chatter’s wants before yourself and your personal safety as a cam model.

Certain materials like rubber toys are porous, so don’t be afraid to use a condom with them during your shows (you don’t need condoms for toys made out glass though). Chatters like to see a webcam model who uses condoms, it’s realistic and fun.

Work area and personal presentation
In order to have a productive shift you need to have prepared. Keeping your toys nearby and music in the background is a great start. It’s a good idea to keep the music either sexual or likable. It’s a good idea to have a shuffle list so there are different types of music playing. Other ways to set the mood is with candles and soft lighting.

Many cam models make the mistake of bad lighting in their work areas. Keep in mind where your lights are relative to your camera. If a bright light is behind you chatters may not be able to see your face. Soft, warm lighting is best. Keeping a lamp behind the camera helps the chatter see your face and highlight your attributes. Another thing to keep in mind is how bright a light is on your ceiling as well. If you don’t have a lamp just make sure your light isn’t looking directly into your cam.

You can change your room by putting different filters in your lights. Recessed lighting is really easy because you can just tape something over the light and it won’t catch on fire. Please keep this in mind and don’t put a sheet over a lamp. It will catch on fire and cause serious chaos in your chat. This may or may not have adverse effects on the mood of the chat room. Regardless, practice fire safety and try using different colored light bulbs instead of covering a lamp.

Type of computer
There is no single brand of computer I would recommend, as I have used a few different ones. All you really need is a computer with a lot of memory, and preferably a fast processor. A computer with only 512 MB is not going to be enough. You want something with 4 GB of ram. If you aren’t sure what that means you can look online and the description of any computer you buy from the internet will have this listed in the description. It might help to ask a specialist in your local computer store.