Chaturbate Review


Chaturbate is one of the world’s leading adult cam-chat sites. According to 2021 internet rankings, Chaturbate is the sixth most visited adult website right now. Users can create an account and purchase credits: these credits are used to watch live or private cam shows. The site embraces tipping and live participation, which has made Chaturbate one of the more popular sites out there.

Here’s an in-depth review of, including its most important site features and whether it’s worth the spend.

Site Features:

What’s Chaturbate all about?

Here’s are its most important features:

• Free Trial Viewing Option

• Live Cam Shows

• Live Private Shows

• A Variety of Categories & Kinks

• Verified, Legal Models

• Easy, Legitimate Deposit for Credits

• HD Video Quality

• Lag-Free Video Player


First impressions of Chaturbate are alluring.

The menu is clear about where everything is, making it easy to find different categories or live model cam shows. There’s a search function, with more advanced search options if you’re looking for something specific.

The site loads fast. Thumbnails offer content previews or category lists.

Video play is HD, with a smooth video player that doesn’t lag (and responds to the keyboard when you need hands=free operation).

Site ads are not overwhelming and don’t interfere with the site’s interface.

Moderation is strict enough to ensure that scammers, spammers and creeps are banned from using the site.

Even if you’re just checking the website out for a quickie, you’ll be tempted to stay for a little longer or come back to the site later. That’s why Chaturbate is great!

About Chaturbate:

Chaturbate was first launched in 2011: it’s still one of the best live cam show websites out there. Chaturbate is frequented often by both visitors and models, who list their live cams or private shows by-category.

Visitors ‘tip’ for participation in live shows. The options to pay for ‘private’ shows, or ‘spy’ shows also exists on Chaturbate.

It’s been around for long enough to guarantee a reputable, fun experience.

Chaturbate In-Depth Review:

Chaturbate is a high-quality adult cam site with thousands of users (and a growing amount of cam uploaders with stuff to share). If you’ve been on sites like Pornhub or Redtube lately, it’s likely that you would have seen an ad for Chaturbate by now.

The first good thing about Chaturbate is the level of interaction available. Users can choose to participate in private cam shows, or tip the individual cam models to get more up close and personal.

Chaturbate guarantees that all its models are legal and verified. Unlike some “underground” cam sites, Chaturbate checks all creator accounts before registration.

If you want to check out the site and its features first, create an account for a free trial that allows access to select features. Cam previews and limited chat options are available as a free user.

Account users can purchase Chaturbate credits from there: these credits are what’s used on the site to pay for cam shows, or tip cam models. Credits are affordable, and payment options are both secure and discreet.

what’s the draw?

Chaturbate isn’t “just” a cam site: that’s part of why it’s so popular. Chaturbate is based around the concept of tipping. Tips equal requests, and requests equal fun: participation in the chat can connect models to their audience and lead to more.

Crowd-tipping within a live room chat adds to the naughty feel of the site. The more tips, the more can happen. Credits can also be used for more, like Chaturbate’s unique ‘spy mode’ that allows the user to be a fly on the wall within another room – consensual for those being watched, of course.

Chaturbate “credits” are worth buying for the benefit of participating! While many sites make you waste your credits for nothing, Chaturbate credits go straight to the participating cam user.

Paid-for private chats are another one of the big draws on Chaturbate. Rooms are smaller, but with room for more to happen between the user and their chosen cam model.

Violations are easy to report to moderators for models and viewers. There are very few moderation issues.

The site is easy to navigate: the models can be viewed by category or users can search for specific indulgences, fetishes or kinks listed,

Six main categories are available: female, male, couple, transgender, private, or spy shows. Subcategories are too many to list in one place! That’s one of the best parts about Chaturbate. Almost anything you find hot, you’ll find here.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, verified adult cam website, Chaturbate is one of the superior options out there. Even if you are looking for a website to list your own content as a model, Chaturbate gets high-rakings and frequent recommendations.

Unlike many other sites, Chaturbate has a standing good reputation with years of excellent service in the adult industry.

Video Quality & Streaming

Chaturbate has a flawless video player that provides an HD view of the action. That’s one of the most important things: nobody likes adult video player that keeps getting stuck at the wrong times.

Video quality is adjustable from low-to-HD. Full screen is available if you would like to increase your view to get a view of the sexier stuff on a bigger display.

What about sound?

Just like video, adjustable.

The video player is also responsive to keyboard shortcuts, which is great for controlling viewing when your hands are busy somewhere else.

More About Credits

Creating an account is step one on Chaturbate.

For users and models it affords the guarantee that both sides of the chat have been verified.

Once you have a Chaturbate account, you can purchase credits to use during live and private chats. Credits are your currency, and you can use it to tip models or participate in website chats.

Credits are worth more than the tokens you’ll find offered on other websites. There’s a lot of initiative to use your credits on the site, but they can get you a lot of fun if you spend them wisely.

Different payment options are available, with the benefit of most payment options being supported directly through Chaturbate.

For Creators

Chaturbate isn’t just for people who like watching porn, but also for content creators who like uploading their own stuff. In fact, Chaturbate is one of the leading websites for adult uploaders right now.

Content creators start the same way as users: create an verify your Chaturbate account first.

Chaturbate content creators can set up live chats, room chats or private chats: the credits sent to you by users goes through the Chaturbate third-party payment system and makes its way to your account. Chaturbate takes a smaller cut than many of the other sites.

With Chaturbate, you have the benefit of a platform that’s easy to use and convenient. It also allows you to connect with a fanbase instantly.


Safety is an increasing concern for the adult industry, even for uploaders and viewers who access their stuff from home. Chaturbate does a lot to keep their users safe, and has around-the-clock moderators there to keep things on track.

If you spot any keywords that shouldn’t be there or issues with the site, contact the moderators. Violations of the rules (or harassing users) are easy to report with a button you’ll find in plain sight.

What about cybersecurity?

Chaturbate is one of the few adult websites on the internet that can report no serious outages or downtime in its entire history. Guaranteed, you won’t get viruses from visiting here.

Chaturbate is one of the safer adult sites on the internet: that’s why it’s been around for at least 10 years.


Chaturbate is overall a great website if you’re looking to have fun and connect with live cam shows. You definitely won’t get bored with the variety of different categories to choose from.

The site is easy to navigate and not overloaded with advertising. The video player is extremely smooth, and gives smooth and HD quality video.

Excellent moderation adds to the standing good reputation of Chaturbate: it’s easy to find the report button if you see anything that shouldn’t be there.

Chaturbate charges much less for credits than other adult websites that use the same payment systems. Website credits are worth something – and there’s a lot of things that you’ll want to spend your money on.

Possible Competition

Chaturbate isn’t the only cam show site on the internet.

How do its competing websites measure up?

LIVE JASMIN has a lot of the same features that users will find on Chaturbate, including private shows or participating in group room chats with your chosen star. Quality is high, though users might pay a little more to get their credits to mean a one-on-one with a cam.

MY FREE CAMS is advertised as free, but offers a large amount of initiative for users to pay so they can access more features. It feels like there’s less available on My Free Cams, and Chaturbate still weighs in as the best option between these.