Setting Up Your Room


Essentially, this will be your new home office. Whether you’ll be working on cam full time, part time, or maybe just in your spare time, your setting is key. Members want to view you as an erotic fantasy. Most potential customers won’t find it very arousing if you are sitting in a chair in the corner of your poorly lit kitchen.

Here are some tips to setup your webcam studio.

A bed is the best setting area. Customers love it, plus it makes it easy for you to position yourself in different ways comfortably. A couch can work too, especially if you need the back support.

If you have to use the floor for some reason you really need to find a mattress to cover it with. A few blankets or comforters will NOT do. You could easily end up with joint damage from resting your knees and elbows on a hard surface for long periods of time. Trust me, working on cam on the floor will harm your body in the long run. I learned this the hard way.

Go for a mostly solid color background. You shouldn’t need to buy anything new if you don’t want to. Most people have a solid color fitted sheet to put on a bed. Fitted sheets are best because you’ll be moving a lot. A regular sheet will just annoy you since it will keep sliding off of the bed every time you start moving around in a show.

A couple of standard sized pillows can complete your background. They add a little flavor to your setting and give you some nice arch support for all the positions you’ll be in during shows. I like to spice up the room with 2 or 3 contrasting color throw pillows.

Now it’s time to talk about the scene where you’ll be performing and how you should present the room. We’ve already covered the importance of good, bright lighting in your room. Having a neat room is also very important. You want to have a neat / clean area. No kids, no animals, clutter, trash, food, etc..

Stand back and really look from your camera’s point of view. We took a look around at the girls who have been winning all the big bonuses every pay period. These (photo up above) are a good example of what you could expect a good web cam room to look like. .

Cameras are all centered to focus on them, The rooms are neat, clean, etc..

Notice how they have the room set up? You may want to ditch the little computer desk in your living room. Grab a couch, a bed, a cushy floor setup with pillows, etc.. Whatever you do, make it hot!

Move your computer into the bedroom next to you or at the end of your bed.

Arrange things so you have everything you need at arm’s length

While your surroundings are important,you are the focus. If you are comfy, you are happy.if you are happy,you are confident.If you are confident, you are gorgeous and your customers want you.


Regardless where you actually choose to cam from, make sure you have room to move around! Customers will probably get bored if you stay in one position all the time, and in exclusive shows you might be requested to stand up or even walk or dance around. Make sure you have the room to do anything that you would be comfortable doing on cam.


Clutter can be a huge turnoff for some customers. Any area that might show up in your background should be tidied up so that it never distracts from your performance. If you’re not into cleaning, just throw stuff into your closet or some space that you can be sure will never appear on your stream. You can always just put it back when you’re done working lol

If you’re working on a bed, smooth out the covers and fluff up the pillows before you start. A nice looking environment makes for a better overall show.

Organization System

At any point during your session online, there are a few things that you may be asked to get. Any time spent out of the view of your webcam is bad for business, so in order to minimize that, you’ll need to get organized. I personally have a couple of drawers right beside my bed, where I keep anything I might need while I’m working. If you have a couple of drawers, or maybe bins – anything you can designate for work items – you’ll be set.

Here’s what needs to be in them.

A few different outfits


Any outfit or costume pieces that match your model persona

If your closet is in view of the camera, you can totally keep your outfits and accessories there. Guests will love watching you get up to get something. If they know you’ll do it though, they may sometimes ask you to go get something just so they can take a better look at you. While not necessarily a bad thing, doing this too often could potentially be giving too much away if you’re still in free chat.


Lube (very important!)

Wet wipes or baby wipes



It’s also a good idea to have some makeup nearby in case you need to touch it up during your show. If you decide to do it live on cam, try to avoid those funny faces we make lol. Some guys will love watching you fix your makeup

So, it’s not your average “home office” setup lol, but if you decide you want to go into business as a webcam model, these tips should be a good starting point for setting yourself up for success.

Setting up your camming space properly is incredibly important. You’re gonna want to choose an area that is private, visually appealing, can accommodate everything you plan on doing, and is comfortable for you.

When fans enter your cam room, the first thing they see is you, but the second thing is the overall appearance of your space. They want to see good lighting, no clutter, and decorations/props that fit your niche. If you’re into bondage and/or domination, maybe try adding some whips, handcuffs, or a strap-on somewhere in your room. If your thing is playing up being a cute, young teen, make your room bright, colorful, and girly. This helps the customer know what you’re all about without even having to ask. It also helps make the experience more genuine and real for them.

Depending on the site you cam on, having a poster, neon dry erase board, or chalkboard in the background is a great idea. It encourages engagement and sometimes competitiveness! You could have a list of your top tippers for the month.That will encourage your fans to compete for the number one spot on that list. A sign could also be used for informative purposes: such as listing videos you have for sale, contests that you’re currently holding, or a tip menu. Be creative with it! Figuring out the surface you want to work on is also important. You want to make sure you’re comfortable, that way you can put on your best possible show every time. Some models are most comfortable on a bed, futon, or couch. Some prefer an office chair. Some models even cam from the floor! Figure out what bests fits your needs. Or maybe even switch it up from time to time depending on the kind of show you’re doing.
As we talked about in a previous article, webcam lighting is crucial. Getting the correct lighting equipment and positioning it correctly will make all the difference in the appearance of your cam stream. You’ll be able to eliminate shadows and get rid of any graininess. After all, your customers are there to see you. Make sure they’re actually able to!
Take advantage of holidays! When there’s a holiday coming up, switch things up and decorate your cam space for that particular holiday. Not only is it fun, but it gives your fans something new to talk to you about. You’re bound to get flooded with compliments! You can also use the holidays to run special holiday-themed contests and giveaways. If it’s Valentine’s Day, write their username on a heart if they tip a certain amount. Or hang up a customized ornament for them around Christmas time. Again, be creative here and do something that your fans can engage in.Now your space is all set up and you’re ready to go
Once you decide on a location for your cam space, making it comfortable and convenient is the next step! Here are some items that not only make you more comfortable, but you can also use them to decorate and show your personality with how bright and colorful, or mild and sophisticated they are.
Blankets – having soft blankets under and around you for shows is wonderful. You can switch up the color and texture depending on the mood you’re in or what type of show you’re doing. It also makes for a good barrier between you and the floor for any lube, lotions or oils you may be using.
Pillows – have something soft and cozy to lean on if you’re doing a masturbation show, or something to lean on while chatting. Pillows of all sizes, shapes and colors can not only make you comfortable, but add some character to your space.
Toys – if you’re going to do any masturbation shows, having a variety of sex toys at an arm’s reach is key. It’s completely fine to only use your fingers, but it’s also really common for viewers to request toys. Have a container nearby that has all of your desired toys and lubes available for easy access for when you start a show. Don’t forget to have some baby wipes nearby!
White Board – lots of cam girls have a sort of white board available for while they’re camming. This is used to write details about the show, play tipping/number games, list high spenders/tippers for some extra spotlight, or keep track of any sort of countdown. Even if you’re not planning to do any of these things, having a white board for a way to add a cute little picture or drawing to your cam space isn’t a bad idea! Use it for whatever works for you.
Prize Wheel – if you offer prizes such as videos, picture sets, custom content, Snapchat or other goodies, having a wheel of prizes for people who tip certain amounts can be a fun addition to your room. If having a physical wheel is too cumbersome for your style, there are apps for your smart phone or tablet you can use, too!