Free Chat Advice

Free chat is an important part of camming, but if you’re not careful, you can end up working without making much money and you definitely don’t want that! A few simple rules will help you increase your take home pay a lot!

Good Mood
Every time you log in you are making a first impression. There will always be someone new in your room, and never forget that! If a chatter comes into a web cam model’s room and they don’t have a good time they won’t come back. Your attitude and mood affect everything. Be polite and smile, you want it to be upbeat in you chat.

No Dead Air
A big problem some models have is dead air. Dead air is complete silence in your chat. If you are ignoring your chatters then you won’t get privates. This is another reason you should have music playing. If you aren’t sure what to talk about don’t worry. Chatters will be asking you a lot of questions during your entire shift. Keep them engaged in a conversation, even if they aren’t really talking. Ask them about their screen name or what they want in privates. Make it a game; ask the whole room what their favorite role play is and go from there. It’s easy to keep talking if you actively involve everyone.

Sense of Humor
Chatters love funny girls. If you are worried you aren’t exactly comical, don’t be, goofy works too. So many chatters are just looking for a little relief from their lives. Be silly and make yourself laugh, it can be infectious.

Don’t type, TALK
This cannot be stressed enough. This also has a lot to do with dead air. Just keep talking. Answer all questions verbally because it keeps the chatter interested. Some chatters may claim that they don’t have speakers or they have to keep the volume down because their room mates will hear. That’s okay, ask them to get headphones or just keep your text replies short and sweet. Most guys who do this do have speakers they just want your undivided attention. It’s okay to respond to them a little bit but don’t let it distract you completely from the other chatters.

Look into your cam
Looking into your cam can really help you get privates and keep regular chatters coming back. It’s personal and intimate.

How far to go in free chat
The rules are simple. No nudity and no use of toys. That’s about it. You can do a lot of things outside of that. Teasing is a big part of earning money. You can’t use a toy for penetration but you can have fun and lick one or suck on it for just a moment. You don’t want to give a big show in free because no one will take you private. Some models think you have to give some to get some. Not true. Playing with toys SUGGESTIVELY is pretty effective. You can blow kisses, stick out your tongue, suck on your finger and twirl your hair. These are just a few teases. You can think of other teases that work especially for you. Play with piercings or show off tattoos as well. Everyone will have assets they can show. Have fun with it.