Brazzers Review

Brazzers Review


Brazzers is one of the internet’s biggest porn sites. They have been around since 2005 and receive millions of international hits every day.

Brazzers is an umbrella network of 33 different adult websites each with a different specific market. If you’re looking for hardcore fucking videos, Brazzers is one of the best places to get your porn.

Videos are syndicated to other sites. You are likely to have seen Brazzers content on other popular adult websites like RedTube and PornHub.

A Brazzers subscription is available for a small fee: but is Brazzers worth the money?

Here’s an in-depth review of one of the biggest online porn sites.

Site Impressions: is easy to navigate.

They are not lying when they call themselves “the number one porn site in the world.”

Content is available in HD. Brazzers has more than 2, 300 different models, and more than 10, 000 videos. Site updates are daily, so you can always check back to see what’s hot and new on the site.

Free content can be found on Brazzers, but their free selection is limited to a few videos and images. Create an account and update your payment information if you would like to sign up for paid Brazzers content: it’s worth it!

More About Brazzers:

Brazzers is best known for videos of hardcore fucking and huge tits.

Content has expanded to include more than 10, 000 videos across 33 partner websites. Daily updates keep the fun stuff coming.

A lot of new categories and content is being added to the site. Porn categories include masturbation, blowjobs, anal, hardcore fucking and more. Straight, gay and LGBTQ categories are available too.

Brazzers doesn’t just do videos. Image galleries and thumbnails can also be seen.

If you sign up with Brazzers, you’ll get access to all their images and videos. The option to download HD content and pictures is also there if you see something you want to add to your own personal porn collection.


Brazzers is easy to navigate. This counts for both its mobile and PC version of the site.

Videos are in HD with the option to view in lower quality or download for a small extra fee.

Thumbnails and image galleries load fast, so there’s no need to wait for your porn like in the old days of dial-up internet.

The search function is detailed: if you are looking for something specific, type in what gets you off most and you’ll find it.

Some of the best porn in the world can be found on Brazzers.

Content can also be searched for by most viewed, rating or new.


Even though Brazzers got famous for their huge tit and hardcore fucking videos, there’s alot more to be found on the website today.

Categories include almost everything you can think of from anal to threesome and group fucking videos. Go to the Brazzers search bar if there’s something specific that gets you off.

Expect to see the standard categories you’ll see on most porn sites like YouPorn, Redtube and others. With a Brazzers paid account you can also search for specific porn stars.

Content Quality:

Quality content is what you’re going to any porn website for in the first place. Brazzers delivers!

Most Brazzers content can be viewed in HD quality. There’s an option to download or save any videos to your profile that you like and want to see again.

Content is spread out between short videos and longer shoots. Professional and amateur porn stars can both be found on the site: most is professional, but there’s enough amateur stuff on the site too.

Sign Up Extras:

Brazzers offers some of their content for free. Videos and galleries from Brazzers gets syndicated to other places like YouPorn and Redtube pretty often: if you’ve been on a porn site, then you’ve probably seen some Brazzers content.

But what about their paid stuff?

Paid accounts give users access to more than 10, 000 videos over 33 websites.

There’s an option to download, although you have to pay extra for every individual download. This is the one drawback of Brazzers, but these days most porn sites have this restriction for paid content downloads.

Video Player:

The video player loads fast, and allows for HD or lower quality settings depending on your internet connection and device. Full screen mode is available with zero lag so you can see the best scenes even better.

Extra features include keyboard shortcuts for when your hands are too busy to navigate the site. Not all video sites are seamless, but Brazzers gets a great rating for this.

Slower playback and replay is another useful feature on the Brazzers video player. If you’ve seen something you like, replay it with one click.

User Safety:

Brazzers has an excellent reputation for user safety and site security.

Accounts are guaranteed secure, and all the downloads from the site are safe. WIth a paid account, you won’t see as many ads next to the video player – and they won’t cause any lag while you’re trying to get off.

Payment to the site relies on verified and trusted payment suppliers. Brazzers does a lot to protect the privacy and safety of their users. A lot of others sites out there don’t.


Sure, you could keep viewing free Brazzers videos on other websites – but you’ll get instant access to much more amateur and hardcore porn if you sign up for a paid account. It’s better and with more variety than you can possibly imagine.

No matter what gets you off the most, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Brazzers. Variety is part of what they offer. Quality is what you get.

All their models are guaranteed to be verified and legal: that’s a very important thing in the world of professional and amateur porn.

It’s easy to see why gets millions of hits every day.

Paid or free, Brazzers is one of the biggest porn sites you can be at. 100% worth their fees for what you get.


RealityKings: RealityKings has been around for almost as long as Brazzers. Their selection is similar, but their caregories might feel limited if you are comparing them straight with Brazzers. Content can be more expensive on RealityKings, but might also be worth the money if you don’t mind the variety gap.

BangBros: BangBros makes their business from hardcore fucking videos as a paid subscription service. Their selection of videos goes well into thousands, and there’s no lack of variety and different categories. Layout and video player is similar to Brazzers, but with a few more features and an extra category or two. Worth it? Up to you, but it’s recommended that you visit more than 1 site before making a final verdict for which adult website is worth your cash!